Black Bear Lodge Tipis - Smoky Mountains

465 Oak Ridge Lane

Whitter, NC 28789


Phone Number

Hours: 24/7

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Do I need four-wheel drive to reach your property?

The road to our property is on top of a mountain up a rustic road. To best reach our property we highly recommend 4WD or AWD. However, if you do not have an appropriate vehicle there is parking at the bottom of the mountain and we can shuttle you up to your tipi.

Is it too hot to sleep in the tipis during the summer months?

No, the heavy tree canopy and elevation of our mountainside property provide ideal sleeping conditions. Our tipis sit along an east-facing ridgeline, which means they are cooler in the evening because they do not get direct sunlight. 

Is there electricity in the tipis?

Yes, each of our tipis has electricity where you can charge any necessary devices.

Where do we cook and keep food?

There is an outdoor kitchen area with a Blackstone flat griddle top grill, a propane grill, microwave and a refrigerator. If you have questions concerning food storage, please speak to
property owners Barbara or Kevin. 

Are the bathrooms shared?

There are 2 shared bathroom/bath houses for all those staying to use. There is a Men’s and a Women’s facility. Our bathhouses are fully equipped with electricity, heat, air-conditioning, and the basic amenities including hair dryer, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, towels, etc.

Do the tipis get wet when it rains?

Our tipis are waterproof. They even have a rain catcher
built into the top as a backup system with a hose to drain if necessary. A rain flap is also installed in each tipi to keep the rain from entering the doorway.

Can I bring my pet?

Black Bear Lodge is a shared space along a mountain ridge. Pets are generally prohibited due to guest allergies, guest safety, and campground cleanliness. There are rare cases where we would consider allowing your pet to come. In order to accommodate bringing your pet, please call Barbara before bringing your pet along. There will be a charge for your pets stay as well.

What should I do if I cannot find your property?

You can call us day or night via cell phone and we will be happy to assist you in finding our tipis.